Pathfinder Uniforms

At bi-weekly meetings Pathfinders are to wear their Pathfinder t-shirt.

For church services and other formal events Pathfinders are to wear Class A uniforms.

Please purchase these from AdventSource.


Please order the following:

  1. a.Pathfinder World Patch

  2. b.Pathfinder Triangle Patch

  3. c.Pathfinder belt with buckle

  4. d.Pathfinder scarf

  5. e.Pathfinder embroidered side

  6. f.Pathfinder honor sash

  7. g.Short sleeve shirt/blouse

  8. h.Pants (you can buy these from AdventSource or you can purchase them on your own).  Pants are to be Dickie’s style, flat front with belt loops and pockets.

  9. i.Pathfinder T-Shirt - Red with 2 color logo

The church will order the Club Crest

and the Conference Patch.

Class A Uniform

Patch Arrangement

Pathfinder T-Shirt - Red with 2color logo